Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Wedding - Post 6

Yesterday I got some sewing done. I started Esther's dress and sewed Eta's bodice and lining together and attached the skirt. So now I have all three of the girl's dresses up to the same point. Now I need to draft sleeves, make and attach the trim, hem and install the zippers on all of them. Last week I bought material to make crinolines for all of them because of course these have to be super poofy :) 

I decided to nix sewing my gown and buy something for myself to wear to the wedding.  There isn't much time left and whatever I put out has to look amazing. Technically I could probably pull it off but I'll be a wreck by the time the wedding gets here and that is so unnecessary. I would rather finish up the girl's gowns this week and then have the rest of the time to focus on the bridal gown without getting down to the wire.  


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