Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Early morning rush!

I usually wake up at about 6:30 every morning. No alarm clock needed. You know what they say.... alarm clocks are for people without kids. 

Well..... this morning I woke up to the sound of the kid's school van beeping in my driveway at 7:25!!

There is a no waiting policy but since my kids are always waiting for him and have never been late I called and begged. I asked him for three minutes, I mean, who can't wait for three minutes right?! Get this.... I got the three kids out of bed and into the van in four!!!! four minutes! That's gotta be a world record or something. My heart is still pounding. 

(Keep in mind my kid's schools are a 45 minute drive away. Although I've never missed the van since we organized it, I used to drive carpool until last year so it wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world to drive them. Small thing is I have an appointment at 9:30 and wouldn't be back in time if I drove)

So lucky it's a warm morning because my son was still buttoning up his shirt on the way to the van. I'm so proud of everyone for getting their act together so quickly this morning. 

In case you're wondering......... did I get the girl's measurements for their dresses? As my 5 year old was about to run out I told her to wait, tore downstairs for my tape measure and measured her as she ran out the door. So I can start her dress :) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I was not thwarted by the morning!


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