Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Wedding - Post 3 - Cousin's Dresses

Before I start just an update on the bridal gown - I sewed the silk skirt under layer yesterday but no pic because it's not much to look at. I'll wait for the bride to come back into town before I actually cut the lace for the skirt.

Now that I can put that to the side for a couple of days I started on the girl's dresses. I'm making matching dresses for my two girls and for one of my baby nieces. (the one wearing the pink velour outfit in one of my previous posts) Since my niece is the youngest, I decided to start with her's first. This is the base pattern I'm using for the dress. I will be drafting a 3/4 sleeve for it.

Here are the fabrics. I don't know how well the colors will translate one everyone's computer screens but in person they are gorgeous!
The dresses for the two younger girls will be the teal blue with taupe trim. My 8 year old does NOT want a matching dress but graciously "allowed" me to coordinate them. So her dress will be taupe with teal blue trim.

I'm making basic pattern changes and drafting the trim myself. We'll see how it goes. I don't even have a complete picture in my head yet of what these will look like but this was my inspiration dress. I just love the pleated detail on the waist. It's so modern and elegant, doncha think?
I did cut out the fabrics and lining yesterday for the dress but my phone was upstairs charging so no progress pics of it yet. Hopefully I'll at least get to finishing the body and lining of the dress today and will post pics later. I MUST remember to measure my 5 year old before she leaves for school so I can cut her pattern.........OMG..................... ITS LATE, I'll have her home all day unless I go run to get the kiddies dressed and get them on the school van. TTFN....

update - Ok got the kiddies off to school just in the nick of time. Gotta remember, no early morning blogging :) After they left I ran down to my studio for a couple of pics of what I did yesterday. I don't know if anyone really cares that much to see all the progress photos, but if you do, here they are....

Bodice and lining sewn and pressed

Skirt and lining pieces waiting to be sewn. I cut the skirt pieces 10" inches wider (and 2" longer) than the pattern because we want these dresses super poofy. (still deciding if I'll make the crinoline for underneath or just buy it, I guess it just depends on timing)

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