Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Wedding - Post 4 - Cousin's Dresses

Ok. This is what I got done with today and I'm kicking myself because I FORGOT AGAIN to measure the girls before they left for school. I still have a bunch of workable hours today and I wish I could have cut out their patterns and fabrics today at least so I could sew them together tomorrow.... oh well.

So.....I tried gathering with dental floss for the first time. Too bad this was the only floss I had in the house because a regular thinner floss would have been easier but all's well that ends well right?

I had a lot of length to zig zag the floss to and knew I could only mess up and sew on the floss once (since I still would be able to gather from both sides of that mess up point.) It was a real pain to make sure I didn't sew on it but once I got done I realized how that totally made up for the amount of time I would have spent gathering with regular gathering stitches. Another benefit was no worry about thread breakage.

Yes the dress smells a little minty fresh, but thats not a bad thing :)

So, here is what I have so far. I sewed the dress together and lined the bodice. I will draft the sleeves after I try it on my niece. I just want to make sure this is not too big for her and make any adjustments before putting in the sleeves, zipper, hemming and trimming.

Oh, and I'm totally in love with this teal. It looks like I may have extra fabric and I'm thinking about doing my dress in it as well. I'll probably still need more yardage but I'm probably going back into the city on Sunday and if I'm not I'll mail them a swatch and they'll mail me what I need.


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