Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project wedding - Post 2

Okee dokee,

I've got something to show for yesterday. Also yesterday I took a look at the calendar and tried to figure out a good sewing schedule so I can pace myself and realized I have a LOT less time to sew this gown than I had thought. One thing you didn't know yet is that my niece and I live about a 7 hour drive from each other. She came in last week for a couple of days so i could make her a muslin and is coming in again this Sunday for a few more days so I can start fitting her into this. Get this - the wedding is March 5th! After this coming week's fitting the next time she'll be in is Febuary 17th and I really want to be able to send the gown back with her on that trip. So from yesterday I had 28 days! I know it will get done but it was certainly an eye opener.

Keep in mind that the neckline is super high here, I had run out of time when making the muslin so I left myself much more fabric than what I needed to work with and I'll cut down the neckline when she comes in next week. What will it be? a round? a square? a V? We shall see......

'til next time....

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