Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project wedding - post 9


I got a bit choked up when I finally got the skirt together and pinned it to the dress form. This whole project is a labor of love and seeing it finally look not just like a wedding gown but seeing the excitement on my niece's face is worth every bit of blood (literally) and sweat. 

Today is the last day I have her here for a couple of weeks. I will be fitting the skirts to her, attaching the skirt to the bodice and installing the zipper. All the finishing like the cuffs and applying lace to the hem I'll do before she comes back later in the month so it will hopefully be ready for final fitting at that point.

Here is a shot of the roughed out veil. My niece spent an hour cutting out the trim and did an amazing job. I'll have her work on the trim for the skirt while I'm sewing today. 


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