Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Wedding - Post 13

Yesterday I spent about 6 hours in my sewing studio. The baby's dress and my 5 year old's dress now have sleeves and zippers. I also added to an existing petticoat I had for under my 5 year old's dress. On later of black tulle on the bottom and a bit more around the first and second tiers. When she came home from school she flipped out and wouldn't even get out of her school clothes (not like I would have had the patience anyways:) she took a couple of twirls in the petticoat before I could pop the dress on her. She loved it so much she even smiled and posed on her own which is huge deal for her.

Today hopefully I'll get the baby's petticoat done and maybe the sleeves and zipper on my 8 year old's dress. When the kids saw the dress my 8 year old was hoping this was hers so she cant wait to see how her dress comes out. 

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