Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project wedding - post 10

I've been a busy bee. Yesterday was crunch time. The bride needed to be fit into the gown as she will be going home (out of town) this morning and won't be back until the final fitting in a week and a half. 

I drafted and sewed in the facing. This is the first time I did this from scratch without a ready pattern piece. It went swimmingly. I'm so thrilled that along with having the chance to work on such an amazing project that I am picking up some seriously awesome construction and design skills. 

Did I show you guys the pattern I used as the base for this gown? I don't think so. Here it is....

It was a great pattern to start with. It  has separate pattern pieces for different shaped bodies to get a perfect fit. I drafted a new neckline, lengthened the sleeves, pleated the shoulder of the sleeves instead of darting them (that was my sewing fairy Rivkah's beautiful idea), redrafted the skirt panels into A- shape, added the godet it the back for the train. 

Sewing in the facing.

Finally sewing the skirt to the bodice :)

Here she is!! Keep in mind she's wearing a black slip with black tulle underneath. It's all I had at home yesterday. I'm going to make her a new one in ivory. The side seam is getting tacked down, it won't be sticking out like that. The back seam is still pinned because I haven't installed the zipper yet. She will be wearing a 2.5" satin sash at the waistline. 


My list of stuff to do until she gets back. 

1. Hem sleeves
2. Hem underskirt
3. Apply lace trim to hemline
4. Fix a couple of tiny cords that pulled to the right side of the lace
5. Sew her veil and attach clips

When she comes back for the final fitting I will install the zipper and send it on it's way. 

She looks incredible. I cannot wait to see her in it with her hair and makeup done at the wedding.

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