Thursday, July 1, 2010

One hour robe recycle.

I had this terry robe stuck in the back of my closet. I bought it last year when I was pregnant with ND and it was huge even then. Then I had the baby and the unworn robe went right to the back of my closet.

Yesterday while picking up my daughter at camp I noticed a lot of the girls were coming out of the pool in robes and that would be a lot easier than E. having to get all dried off and dressed after swimming since she was coming right home anyway. This morning I pulled it out in in one hour E. had a soft adorable little robe for herself.

I laid her nightgown over the robe and traced a bit outside it to make my cutting lines. I cut it out leaving in the collar and zipper in. Then cut new sleeves, sewed them in, hemmed it. Easy, fast and fun!

look how big it was :) (E. wasn't so happy when I took this pic)

Finished (now she's happy, I think she likes it!)

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