Saturday, July 24, 2010

1st project from "Sewing clothes kids love"

Thursday night I was itching to sew but didn't have the right pins for that dress I was planning on making. The pins were making holes and snagging the chiffon fabric :(

sooo... I decided to start on another little project that I've been so excited about. A couple of months ago I bought the book "sewing clothes kids love" and have been reading it and accumulating fabric in quite a scary way and it was about time to get down to actually cranking out some garments for my little girls. I decided I will not sew any more clothes for the summer as their drawers are full so I'm starting on a fall/winter wardrobe for them. It will be great to crank out some fall/winter as I am due September 20th and may not be up to sewing much then.

Just some background on why I'm so excited about this book. I used to sell Oilily clothes and fell in love with their designs. The mixing of fabrics that don't look like they would or should go together until they do is so much fun! It's a real exercise in creativity. I've been reading online for some time about the farbenmix style and was so excited when I saw this book.

Thursday night I started tracing and cutting the pattern and last night I worked for almost 3 hours finishing and then cutting fabric and serging it together. I started making mistakes and usually at that point I walk away for a bit but I was so determined to finish it last night so I just pressed through. Thankfully all of the mistakes were small and fixable but at 1am when the last thing I needed to do was hem it I did go to sleep. I'm planning on doing a lettuce edge hem on this and have never done one before. 1am was definitely not the time to start fiddling around with my serger, I knew it would probably end in disaster. I'm working on the settings now and sewing on scraps to try to get the right look. I don't have it yet but I'm almost there and I want it to be perfect because this top came out so stinking cute!

When it's done, hopefully today I will take pictures of E. wearing it. She was tickled pink when she tried it on this morning and just wanted to know when I was making the skirt to go with it.

Click on the pictures to see them bigger, it's worth it. Does anyone know how to make them bigger on the blog to begin with?


  1. Cute top my little girl would love it!

  2. You are so creative, that top is really cute.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments :)