Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finished the tee

Yay! Im so excited! I finished the Imke tee. I hemmed it with a rolled hem to get a lettuce edge. I think with more practice I'll figure out the settings better to have tighter stitches so none of the fabric will show through but for a 1st time I'm very satisfied.

Not only that but I am getting much more comfortable with my serger now. I was able to reinstall the stitch finger, rethread it and reset the tension and the stitch settings to regular serging without consulting the manual.

Anybody interested in seeing my fabric stash? If so I'll post pictures :)
I love my stash and it gets better and better. I just got a gorgeous order from and I'm waiting on some stuff from Is there such a thing as a fabric addict? I'm helpless lol....


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  2. really cute!
    BTW, I love the background of your blog!
    sorry about this deleting/posting business ;)