Thursday, May 13, 2010

A taste of things to come? I think not!

Ok so since it took me so long to post with progress have you been thinking that I'm going to be a lazy poster or even worse a lazy sewer? NO WAY! While I must admit it's been a while since I posted, I'll try harder in the future the post more often.

As for my sewing room project, OMG! It's moving along great. I do have pictures but honestly I'm a bit embarrassed to post them yet because they look so messy. Truth be told I doubt that the sewing room will always look as neat and organized as it will look in a couple of days when I finish up with it. Once I start working in earnest I'm sure it will be a lovely organized chaos but for now I would love to get it in pristine order before I mess it all up again, oh and of course it needs to be perfect for the photo-op to show off how everyone beautiful and utterly cool it is.

But.... knowing that the room may never get "perfect" and already starting with projects down there. I'll share the pictures I have anyways just to give you a more visual progress report. Excuse the mess (blush)

Oh and excuse the floor, it used to be a lovely space but we had to rip the carpet out after a flood this spring and I haven't decided what to put down yet. Maybe gross, previously painted in several colors, chipped and full of staples that stick in my bare feet (I hate wearing anything on me feet at home) floor will prevail. (phew... how was that for a run on sentence.) But really, I may just put down some throw rugs, I'm afraid to put money into a new floor until we figure out why we had the flood and how to fix it. I'll have to take necessary precautions with my fabric and equipment to make sure "just in case' that they will not get ruined in events of another water incident. BTW when I said flood I mean enough water to saturate most of the carpet in the basement and make it squish and splash a bit, oh and yes soak up through whatever few boxes of things and had down there and ruin them! It wasn't the kind of flood where its up to your ankles or knees. Otherwise I wouldn't put my precious sewing room down there now would I?

OK, enough talking and time for show and tell.

OK these are probably self explanatory but Ill give you a tour anyways. Here is my sewing table with my machines. My serger came a week and a half ago, today is the day I'm going to have a little friendly sit down with it and let it know who its mommy is :)

A view from the other side so you can see my storage areas. I'm redoing the closet to make it really work for me. It's pretty big and deep and I think it's perfect for what I need it for

LOL did I ever think I would ask my husband for an iron for our anniversary, no! He was cracking up when I asked him. He has in the past in other people's houses picked up irons and introduced them to me. "Sima this is an iron i...r...o..n.... iron meet Sima" Maybe it's funnier if you were there. Historically I hate ironing with a passion. Now I found out it was all because I was using the wrong iron. You can understand why I disliked ironing, I had a 19 dollar walmart iron. I think it's more suited for a decorative collectible item (If you're into collecting useless household appliances). It doesn't actually do what you assume its made for.

And no I don't think I'll stop sending out hubby's shirts to the cleaners, But... I did iron that one
that's on the board. Dare I say it's actually fun to iron when things come out the way they should and fast!
I discovered the wonderful thing that is a steam generator in sewing school and I'm never going was never there before. Cheers to an excited beginner!
(by the way our anniversary is June 4
th but I couldn't wait and my husband was more than happy to oblige)

Last but not least for now, here is my cutting/project table. Its two plastic folding tables pushed together and put on bed risers. It brings them up to a very comfortable height for standing and working. This is a real step up from my dining room table. I'll be going over to home depot to pick up a piece of plywood cut the the table's size to put on top. Aren't I clever ;)

The laundry room is just a few steps away, which I used to hate having it so far from the bedrooms, but now.... it's ok because it's right near my sewing room :) I'm still going to be putting up a pegboard for tools and maybe a hanging thread organizer. I'm also putting up a retractable clothes line to hang the projects I'm working on, If I'm working on more than one at a time. My dress form is here I'll put up a picture of her soon.

Signing off for now, Happy Sewing!

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