Sunday, May 30, 2010

The dress is done!!!

So last night or errrr..... this morning I finished my dress. Worked until about 4:15am and I'm so glad it's done. I put on some good music and started praying and sewing away. I didn't have much extra fabric to work with if I made any mistakes and almost can't believe I made it through. Did a lot of fitting adjustments on myself in the mirror. Sounds crazy but it worked. Anyways here is the dress which I think came out beautifully which is all that counts because I'll be the one wearing it, right ;) (Here's hoping for compliments) An elegant summer maxi dress in cotton tee shirt jersey, it doesn't sound right but it is!


  1. Cute! What did you use for a patterN?

  2. Oh gosh! I didn't see your question until just now. It's a self drafted pattern loosely based on a maxi dress I already owned. If I had a pattern to begin with it definitely would have made things much easier :)