Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first solo dress

So I found amazing tee shirt jersey fabric on the clearance rack at Joann's. Stunning black, grey and silver stripes. It was not only on clearance but another 50% off on top of that. I bought 3 yards because I was planning to make a tee shirt and thought that would give me enough to work with with room for mistakes. Could I have just stuck with the plan NO!!

I decided to sew an empire waist maxi dress with it and wow it's literally just enough fabric to maybe finish it and I'm going to have to have horizontal stripes somewhere to make it work.
Im almost freestyling this one at least compared to other things I've sewn. I have no pattern only a dress I like that I'm using for inspiration. Big difference with the fabrics though, the stretch is going to go the wrong way on the striped dress because I don't want it horizontal. I'm certainly not thin enough to pull off a horizontal dress especially with a big baby belly. All that fabric near to top of the skirt I'm playing around with to make have a cool detail there, most probably it will come off and just be simple.

I've sewn to skirt panels together and will work on the top tonight. More pics to follow. Wish me luck!

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