Saturday, April 24, 2010

Past Projects

Alrighty so I though I'll post a couple of my past projects (not that there a lot as I'm just starting out) This is a dress altered for both my girls. I bought the sleeveless dresses in Tjmaxx and bought an extra one in the largest size to cut up to use for sleeves. While I was working on this project I found another of the same dress in pink in another store and couldn't resist!


Learning how to make sleeves (this skill will come in handy quite often)

This was actually the dress I picked out to do as my first project when I started at the sewing and design school I joined a couple of months ago. It was pretty complicated for getting my feet wet again but my teacher encouraged me to stay with it and I think it came out really adorable. The picture of my daughter wearing it was during the process. I decided at the end to make a bubble skirt. I really should take pictures of things when they are all the way done :)

The pattern
The fabric

Here are some things I made for myself.

Belt. I made two of these one with a gold and one with a red buckle.

What I dub the "transitional dress" This dress is self designed. I used a cropped stretch layering tee (it made a perfect empire waist) and found great material to match. The idea was that this tee shirt dress could take me through my pregnancy and beyond. Here I was not showing yet, I gathered a lot of fabric in the front so this dress should take me through the pregnancy and then after it can be a regular dress again :) I thought it came out pretty cute.

The "before pictures of my basement will be posted next and then hopefully I'll be posting quick progress in getting my sewing workshop together. I'm excited :)

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