Monday, April 11, 2011

Purim as promised

Ah! I don't even think I can tell you how awesome this is! I'm blogging from bed :). The kids are still asleep and in the few relaxing moments I have before I must get up and dive into my nonstop busy day, I can blog, from my phone :D I love it!!

Anyways, here are the Purim costumes I promised. First let me tell you about Purim. This year I planned a biblical themed holiday. Not just biblical but time specific to the time of the patriarchs and matriarchs. I researched the clothing, fabrics and food. Our Purim feast was pitas, chumus, olives, cucumber salad. Red lentil soup (what Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for) tongue with mustard (what Abraham served the visiting angels) lamb stew (which I'm sure they ate back then, Moroccan carrot salad (which they might not have but I needed another side dish) almonds, dates and figs. Oh yeah and wine which there was plenty of :)

I made a tent in our library with a rug on the floor and a folded folding table. The kids ate their feast sitting on pillows on the floor. Before and after the feast many adults migrated there to sit and talk and for photo ops as well ;)

Unfortunately my girls weren't super comfortable in their costumes my older on wore hers half of the day and I got some pics but my 4 year old wasn't having any of it. I barely managed to get her in her dress for the family pic, forget the headdress. There are more costumes (I made costumes for some of my visiting family) but didn't ask for permission to post them online so for now here's what I can share.
This is mine before it was done.



Josephs coat

And on

All of us and yes those are lambs!

They came with their mom for the day :)

The tent (like the moroccan lantern?)

Later in the tent with some friends who dropped by. Btw the guy with his back to the camera is one of the angels.

My father brother in law and nephew were dressed as the three visiting angels and I had headdresses for some of the ladies. If I get permission to post from my guests then I have some cooler pics to update with later. I'll work on it.

Phew! Gotta go dress the kids for school. This was fun.
Happy sewing!

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