Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first post

Hello sewing fans. I decided to start this blog because I've enjoyed reading yours so much. Hopefully this will encourage me to sew more, as show and tell is always motivating.

Coming up in my first posts will be the progress of my sewing room. One of my problems has been there really isn't space in my house for me to lay out my stuff to work so I havent been sewing as often as I would like. Most of my sewing is done in sewing school now. When I get home I'm just itching to sew but with 4 little kids around its hard to pull out all the needles and fabric as they all want to help (and you know how that goes) Besides I don't want my 10 month old picking stray pins off the floor.

So... I've decided to commandeer the basement :) I'm not going to describe the space because Ill post pictures soon, maybe today or tomorrow. In the next couple of weeks I'm turning it into a real sewing workroom and would love any ideas about how to make it better and what I absolutely need to have. I'm already planning storage areas and the sewing and cutting tables.

Right now my equipment consists of a brother project runway sewing machine which is fabulous. I am buying the Rowenta DG8030 steam generator iron. (I've always hated ironing, but when I went to sewing school I found out I love it, with the right iron of course ,the steam generator irons are amazing) Im also going to buy a serger, I haven't decided which yet. Next I'm getting a dress form that I'm going to customize to my shape.

My dream is to be able to sew (and design) fabulous clothing for myself and clothes for my kids. Come along for the ride :)

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