Monday, April 16, 2012

Project wedding - Post 15

Sorry to my dear readers if you're still around. It's been a loooong time hasn't it? Right after the wedding was the holiday of Purim and then I got swept into the frenzy of preparing for Passover. Now that that's behind us I have a teeny bit of time to update you on how this project turned out. Well it really went down to the wire but I expected as much. On the way out of the house to drive 7 hours to the wedding I realized the sash I cut was an inch too short around!!!! In a major rush I went ahead and cut out another one without doubling the height so when I sewed it up it was a ribbon!! Oh believe me there was major panic here especially when I pulled out the last scrap of silk and wasn't convinced there was enough left! Thanks to the One above I was just just able to squeeze it out and we were on my way.

There are going to be a few pictures.....ok ......a ton of pictures....

I didn't sew the sash on until the morning of the wedding, here I am finishing it up as my niece is getting her hair and makeup done.

And here is the beautiful bride all dressed and ready to go!!

Here are some of my pictures from the synagogue where the ceremony took place.

I know you can't see the dress here but it's one of my favorite pictures. My niece and my big brother (her dad) right after the ceremony.

Here are some of the shots from the photographer. I love her style. Here is a link to her blog entry on this wedding, you can click on any picture to see more pics in a musical slideshow White Rose Kallah

Here are pics of the girl's gowns I sewed.

I throw in a closeup of me and my older daughter who's a budding sewer herself.

Here are my three oldest kids (I left the babies at home with my inlaws) I'm very happy with how coordinated the dresses came out even though they were in different colors. (My older one insisted they not be exactly matching)
 Here's my little niece I sewed matching gown for. I also made her an adorable matching headband but she kept it on for a whole of 5 minutes. 

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