Monday, August 22, 2011

It's been a busy summer. Now we are getting in gear to get back to school.

I learned a good sewing lesson this summer.

Don't wait to sew in season!

I was so excited when summer came and had so many ideas of what I wanted to make for the girls. I went out and bought the boys clothes and then after the warm weather hit had to get clothes for the girls as well. Why? Because I should have sewn their summer clothes during the winter!

I haven't been sewing very long and at times have gotten frustrated when I need something, have an idea of what I want to make but run out if time to implement it. So I stopped thinking about the ruffled summer skirts I want to make the girls for this summer that's almost gone and pulled out the velours, cords, and wool. I have sewed up two Farbenmix Roxy dresses for Eta. One is a velvety dress for the upcoming holidays and one is a super fun owl dress for school.

I love the Roxy pattern and I can see myself making her another school dress in corduroy with it and covering it in fun embroidery.

I did end up sewing a bit this summer.
I found two not so cute dresses at tjmaxx on sale and cut off the bodices and attached wide elastic for the waistband. They look adorable.

I also sewed a skirt for Eta and embellished it with embroidery, a hand sewn flower, lace hem and hotfix Swarovski crystals. I made the same basic skirt for Esther but embellished with a ruffled design made of the skirt fabric. Unfortunately the skirt started fraying at the seams:(. From now on I won't try to shortcut with my serger. Everything woven will get stitched on the regular machine and just finished on the serger.

Here are some pics. They aren't the best. I'm going to have to start taking better pictures of my stuff. Oh, and it would help to figure out a way to get my girls to cooperate :)

Here is Esther's skirt which started coming apart and I need to fix.

This is the dress from tjmaxx before

And after

I just cut off the bodice and gathered the top of the skirt in to the elastic. It took 5 minutes :)

Here's my favorite of the summer

The holiday dress.

Doesn't it look fun all opened up like that? Just needs a zipper and hemming.

Here's the owl dress. As you see it not finished yet I put the red polka dot ruffle on one cuff it's going on the other of course and on the hem of the skirt. There will be another post dedicated to these dresses when they're done.

-That's my update for now. I really do owe you another post on the state of my sewing room. Remember my basement disaster? Well the basement is redone and my sewing room is almost ready for it's debut. I just need to get it photo ready which is hard when you're working in it but it will come. Here is a little teaser.

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