Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Time to get back to my dear more recently neglected blog. My baby is 10 weeks old and by now I have started to get back into Sewing etc. Ok so the update is.....

1. My basement sewing workshop is in shambles. We had another flood. By this time I'm really getting nervous that there may be all kinds of mold growing behind the walls so we cut out a section and confirm my suspicion. The drywall guys came is and ripped out the bottom 3 feet of the drywall and our handyman was able to see on the concrete blocks where all the water had been coming in from. It was all coming in where there is a drainpipe that comes down from the roof and goes underground near our foundation to drain into the drainage system which seems to have a major problem because it's not draining down the hill but into the house. He rerouted the drain to a new pipe down the hill and if we stay dry after a few hard rains he'll bury the pipe in the spring and we will put the walls back up in the basement. I had to bring a few things I was working on upstairs and took over my husband's study, and I mean took over. I hadn't meant to bring half my stuff up into there but it just happened. Oh well hopefully in a few months my sewing stuff will be back where it belongs, out of sight and reach until it's ready.

Lovely no?

2. I'll show you a couple of things Ive been up to. I made some more onsies...

I made a headscarf for myself. This was my first attempt and also the first time I really used my coverhem. I need to whip out a bunch more of these in fun fabrics.

Made these fun Chanukah dreidel iron-ons

I made an adorable velour outfit for my new niece. This was a burda pattern. I lengthened the top and switched the snap placket to the back (first time doing snap placket, what was I so afraid of?) The tulle just finished it off perfectly! This was my 1st time sewing pants,it seemed very confusing to me at first but came together great! I also left out the elastic in the waist. This velour is very stretchy so it fits perfectly without the elastic. By the way it looks stunnatious in person! The fuchsia color was very hard to photograph.

I will post again soon with some other things I'm working on. I found this skirt pattern that I thought would look smashing on me. I'm in middle of sewing out a test skirt in a cheap fabric. Can't wait to see how it comes out!


  1. I love the tichel!! is it a pre-tie?? it looks like the ones you buy in the store.. so cool!!

  2. Thanks, Yeah, it's a pre-tied I have a couple more I cut out last night and should probably sew up before Shabbos. This one is so comfortable.