Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Plan

I want to start blogging every Sunday with a sewing plan for the week. I think it will keep me focused and motivated to see a checklist getting done and with people watching I'm more likely to finish.

I will update this post as I get things done.

1. Sew sweater dress for Eta for school. (Involves tracing new pattern and sewing)

UPDATES - Monday - Traced all pattern pieces and cut out the fabric, including lining for the skirt. Spent way to long trying to figure out the serger setting I need to sew this material. I'm still not there or the dress would be sewn :(

Tuesday - Late last night I finally got my serger settings right for this fabric. I sewed the skirt and lining. Today I serged the bodice and sleeves together to find that either I cut the bodice too large or the skirt too small, luckily the skirt fits Eta just the way I want it to and the top fits Esther great to make it into a cardigan for her which is what she asked for. So now I need to cut and sew a smaller bodice for Eta and make the skirt for esther, Esther's while matching will be a separate skirt and cardigan.

2. Finish two skirts that I'm in middle of making for the girls (They are almost done but I haven't worked on them for over a month!)

Thursday - Looked at the skirts, decided they need to be hemmed shorter. That's something right ;)

3. This is ambitious but it would be great if I can get it done. Cut a pattern in the "curtain fabric" I bought at Home Depot (See last post) Dye it and sew it up. Maybe a dress for Eta for school?

Thursday - Cut out the pattern pieces for the Insa modified skirt. Maybe picked out the color I want to dye it... haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

That's all I'll semi-commit to this week, maybe I'll do more but this is more then enough to get started with. School is starting in a month and I'm due in 6 weeks so I kinda feel the fire under my bottom to get school stuff done. Next week (maybe) I'll do Esther's uniform skirts.

I also have the High Holidays coming up and the festival of Sukkos. The girls already have matching dresses (just need to attach the sashes) I blogged about all the way at the beginning that I've been saving and those two skirts I'm going to finish this week are also for the holidays, I'll just need to buy them a nice brown cardigan to match. I'll be wanting to make at least 1 or 2 more things for the holidays probably two dresses apiece.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog through SewingMamas! :) I love your idea of making a plan for sewing each week. I might try that once school starts and we get into a regular routine again!! I read through some of your posts. I love the Insa skirt and matching hoodie you made.

  2. Hi Regina, So glad you found me :) I'm glad you like my plan, I'm a bit late for my next weekly plan which should have been posted a couple of days ago and I'm already working on some other projects. I'm was hoping this would get me more organized with my sewing, hopefully it still will.